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I sell selected pieces direct to collectors and through the wonderful Whittle & Wolf in Sherwood, Nottingham. Please do contact me for more information

Awakening in intensive care on life support focused my attention to the importance on securing a ‘life less ordinary’ - prompting travel, independent working and acceptance into art college.  Fast forward a few years and I'm delighted to combine decades of working with people in the NHS with that of making, sculpting and creating. Gratefully supported by the "Developing Your Practice" grant from the Arts Council England in 2022 I live and work in the East Midlands where I spend my time making, ‘playing with mud’, obsessing over sculpting heads and supporting others to enjoy their creativity.


I'm happy to share use of my kiln (Rhode Ecotop 60L) at a small cost, subject to size and temperature - please just get in touch.  

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