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“Becoming Cro(w)ne(d)”


At Flushfest 2023 (9th September 2023) attendees will be invited to transform menopause experiences into art:


"Please share how you feel about the menopause and write on her body – helping her to becoming clothed in our experiences! Draw on her … scribble on her … make yourself known to her by adding what you would like the world to see!


Sometimes there are quieter things we would like to share …things we would prefer to whisper but still let others know about. Take a moment and write these thoughts down and ‘post’ them in her back for anonymous collection."

Screenshot 2023-08-31 at 18.13.19.png

The Change

The menopause is a normal part of life for women but can bring about major change.  Despite the significant proportion of the population transitioning through this process at any one time many women still experience isolation and misery - whilst open discussion and understanding of the experience can be limited. Frozen as a ‘moment’ within the process of change, these clay sculptures hope to prompt discussion and give permission to share experiences and knowledge.

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